TM619 Hz

TM619 Hz
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Brand: Frontier
Product Code: Timer Tm619
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Timer TM619 Hz:

The timer switch can open or close kinds of electrical apparatus and power automatically, according to preset time, the items can be streetlight, nion light (sign), billboard, electrical appliances, broadcast equipments etc., the digital timer switch is within rechargeable battery, in 1.2V/40Ma, high-accuracy CMOS chip, strongly anti-jamming, easy to use.


  • Digital 24Hr, 7 Day timer
  • Digital Electronic timer switch with daily and weekly programs
  • 8 or 16 events per day, 7 day programming blocks
  • One channel
  • LED power indicator
  • LCD display
  • Manual On/Off/Auto
  • 24 or 12 hour format
  • Battery backup
  • Power Supply: line voltage 12V DC/AC, 24V DC/AC, 110V AC or 240V AC 50/60 Hz
  • Contact Rating: 16A resistive
  • 8A Inductive/250V, 0.5HP/250V
  • Own Power Consumption: 3VA
  • Timing Resolution: 1 minute

Technical Data:

  • Supply Voltage 120 VAC,220VAC,24VDC/AC,12VDC/AC, other voltage on request
  • Frequency 45 ~ 60Hz
  • Own Consumption Approx 3VA
  • Own Consumption Changeover contact or control power output
  • Running Accuracy ± 1 second / day at 20°C
  • Load 1 minute for TM - 619 series
  • Memory Back up Resistive 16A, Inductive 8A, Motor 1/2HP
  • Admissible Ambient Temp -10°C ~ + 55°C(T55)

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