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The 74HC273(Data Sheet) edge triggered flip-flops utilize advanced silicon-gate  CMOS  technology  to  implement  D-type  flip- flops. They possess high noise immunity, low power, and speeds  comparable  to  low  power  Schottky  TTL  circuits. This device contains 8 master-slave flip-flops with a common clock and common clear. Data on the D input having the specified setup and hold times is transferred to the Q output on the LOW-to-HIGH transition of the CLOCK input.
The  CLEAR  input  when  LOW,  sets  all  outputs  to  a  low state.


  •  Typical propagation delay: 18 ns
  •  Wide operating voltage range
  •  Low input current: 1 µA maximum
  •  Low quiescent current: 80 µA (74 Series)
  •  Output drive: 10 LS-TTL loads

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